Rainforest Alliance

P&F was the first lily and tropical flower farm to be certified by Rainforest Alliance in 2007. We are in continuous cooperation with RFA’s leading role of protecting natural resources, promoting eco-friendly agricultural practices, constantly improving community life of our workers and their families. For us, the Rainforest Alliance certification is more than a seal; it’s part of our company’s philosophy. Our high scores in yearly audits confirm our commitment to striving for excellence and going far beyond established goals. In cooperation with some of our customers, we have gone a step further with the Rainforest Alliance certification to develop three programs that directly benefit our communities:

  • Single mother head of household training and development
    • In cooperation with the Home and Culture Association and their META program (Entrepreneurial Women Working in Association)
    • P&F has developed and executed workshops to strengthen women’s leadership, develop their manual abilities to find new forms of income, and promote their personal development
  • Home construction grant
    • Potential beneficiaries: 4 per year
  • On-site repairs of community schools
    • Three schools have benefited from improvements, which include:
      • Change of cafeteria’s ceilings, for water leaks are a threat to students’ health and safety.
      • Replacement of lattices, electrical installations, and drainpipes.
      • Total remodeling of classrooms: bathrooms, furniture, and equipment.
      • Rain gutter installations to avoid flooding.
      • Adapting specific areas of the school for outdoor activities to promote exercise among students.