Fresh Cuts

P&F’s Lilies, Gerberas, Lisianthus, Freesias, Alstroemerias, and Birds of Paradise are all part of your cold chain flowers. These products are transported in refrigerated trucks that run at 35-38°F; it is important to keep them at:

  • A consistent low temperature to guarantee quality and long vase life.
  • Upon arrival, cut 1-1.5 in. at the bottom of each stem and place in fresh water with dissolved flower food.
  • Change water every other day.
  • For the specific case of lilies, remove stamen to avoid stains on flowers or clothing.


Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers not only have a unique look and charm, but need to be treated a different way. Since they are traveling directly from our tropical rainforest production fields to your store, they require special care and handling different from the one for your cold chain flowers. They love water and moisture, so the following tips might come handy to preserve their beauty and maximize their vase life:

  • Tropical flowers must travel and be stored at an average temperature of 60°F
  • You will notice shredded newspaper in all of our tropical flower boxes; this newspaper is packed humid at farm level and helps maintain humidity of flowers during transportation.
  • Once you unpack your boxes with bunches or single stems of Ginger, submerge heads in fresh water for 5 minutes.
  • Cut 1-1.5 in. at the bottom of each stem before placing in fresh water with flower food.
  • Replace water every other day.
  • Misting all of your tropical flowers daily will keep them moist and maintain their fresh look.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and drafts.